If you want brochures, leaflets or advertising,
why go to a designer?

If you want a leaflet or brochure, where do you go? To a printer? It seems the obvious answer, but it is probably not the best solution.

Think about it. The printer will want your business, and therefore he will create the job in the most cost effective way for his machinery to print. It will be designed primarily for his requirements, which might not necessarily suit yours.

Similarly, most printers now offer design and artwork ‘integrated’ into their service. So it’d be free – right? Not really. Like any business cost, it’s incorporated in the overall costings, so you pay for it somewhere. Additionally, the printer will not really have a knowledgeable grasp of your business – of what market you are going after, or how you present the image of your company.

As a designer, my first responsibility is towards you, the client. I want to know what your company is all about, who your customers are, what image you present and how that image can be maximised. What are you trying to achieve (be it with a leaflet, brochure, advertisement, or whatever other sales promotion you are considering)? As a business, everything you put out should enhance your reputation and be absolutely professional and businesslike.

These are the things that a designer can do for you. Not just the physical ‘look’ of the produced material. But a carefully targeted product that gets your message across in the most efficient manner, using words and graphics that place you, with laser sharp precision, exactly where you want to be in the marketplace.

And the cost? Well, I would hope for that to be broadly comparable to those of a printer. Because I am not linked to one source, I can find you lower print prices by matching your job to the best printer, not just in your locality, but across Europe. Factor in my design and artwork costs and you will probably end up paying the same as going direct to your local printer – but with the difference that you will have something tailored to your needs.

As I said earlier. You must always present yourself and your business in the best possible light. And I can help you do that.